Mobile Phone Service For Free?

As I mentioned on my last post, I used to pay over $80/month for my mobile phone service. And, I only had 450 minutes per month. I had to keep my phone calls short or else pay extra. I wanted to find a frugal way to spend less on my mobile phone bill. I found this great company called Solavei, I not only save money every month on my phone bill with unlimited everything, but I also earn some money because I shared the savings with others!

Solavei is having a special promotion this month where you can even get your service for FREE. Here’s the details…

– Sign up for Solavei mobile service by November 30th receive your 1st month of service for free – a savings of $49*. If you bring your own phone, your SIM card is free, an additional savings of $29 and a total savings of up to $78.

– Plus, if you sign up 3 people for mobile service by November 30th, you will receive your next month of mobile service for free!

*$49 enrollment fee applies. Taxes and other charges may apply.

Call 310-619-3055 for more information.

Stop paying that expensive mobile phone bill every month!! Get UNLIMITED 4G Talk, Text, Data for only$49*/month. And earn income just by sharing the savings with others!


Frugal Mobile Phone Service

Most of us are paying way too much for our mobile phone service every month! A new company called Solavei offers unlimited 4G talk/text/web for only $49/month. For some people that’s half of what they pay now!  Find out more on

There’s no annoying 2-year contract that you have to be stuck with. You can purchase one of the phones they offer or simply buy a SIM card and use a phone of your choice!

Friends Don’t Let Friends Pay Mobile Phone Bills!

Solavei uses T-Mobile’s 4G network which provides unlimited voice/text/data for just $49 per month that can be further reduced if you refer other people! For every 3 referrals, you earn $20 per month. This is initially applied to your bill, and then returned as cash on your debit card.

If you refer nine subscribers, then your phone service will be paid for and you will receive additional income from Solavei. Just tell everyone about the service and if they sign up, you can make money. Tell 3 people and your phone bill is just $29/month, tell 3 more and it’s just $9/month! To get all the details, check out



Spend Less On Health Care

Have you or someone you know wished there was a way to get a quick medical answer from a doctor or health practitioner? 

Most patients often have to wait days for an appointment at their doctor’s office and may have to miss a day of work in order to go to their doctor’s office. Urgent care clinics charge upwards of $150.00 per visit. Emergency rooms are often understaffed, overcrowded and very expensive. I think everyone wants to spend less on health care cost these days.

I found this great new service CallMD Plus that offers its members unlimited 24/7/365 access to a nationwide medical support team with just a simple phone call. You can receive medical advice by phone, wherever and whenever – at home, work, school, or on vacation! One $19.95 membership covers your entire family! That’s 67 cents per day, less than a cup of coffee!


CallMD Plus has an extensive team of Registered Nurses and Board Certified Physicians to provide qualified health advice to members for ALL non-emergency situations. As a member, you can simply pick up the phone, and get the advice you need. Because CallMD Plus is so convenient, you can continue to follow your normal daily activities at home or work. It is like stepping back in time to a world where the patient was the king/queen, and the medical practitioners came to your home, instead of you going to their offices!

CallMD Plus is designed to meet the needs of you and your family. To learn more details, visit Watch this informative video below:

Does Frugal Living Help To Evade Debt?

This is a guest post by Christina Jones, a financial content writer. She has also been contributing to many personal finance blogs as a guest columnist.

Are you under the notion that frugal living is all about leading a colorless and wretched life?  Then the answer is surely no, as you are harboring wrong notion. Frugal lifestyle helps you save considerable amount of money by trimming your budget smartly. You can enjoy your life by inculcating a good spending habit and staying within your means. Avoid getting into debt by exercising financial discipline with a frugal budget. However, if you have already incurred overwhelming debt then enroll in a debt reduction program to regain control over the situation. Once you get out from the trap of debt then you can have a frugal lifestyle to avoid debt in future. Remember that frugality can help you manage your finances.

What are the frugal strategies to avoid getting into the trap of debt?

1. You can avoid splurging your hard earned money by trying out frugal fashion. Make sure that you avoid branded clothes if you are planning a frugal lifestyle. You can look for fashionable clothes on discounted price. You are not required to comprise on your style statement by avoiding branded clothes. You need to change your way of expenditure to manage your finances when you are practicing frugal living. Look for offers on stores and buy clothes when the stores offer sale.

2. Whenever you are visiting the departmental store make sure that you take your coupons. Coupons can help you lead a frugal life so it is considered to be important item when you are planning to save money. You can save considerable amount of money when you use coupons while shopping for grocery. Therefore, you are not required to compromise on things that you essential require.

3. When you are visiting the department store where you get items on whole sell price, try to get things in bulk to avail the discount. You can prepare a list of the items that you require every month and get those in bulk on whole sell rate. If you purchase things in bulk then you can manage to save considerable amount of cash. It’ll also help you save money on gasoline as you are not required to visit the market often.

4. When you use your credit card then you can spend more than you’ll be able to afford. Make sure that you use cash more than card otherwise you might spend more than your means. When you frequently use your card then you might incur insurmountable amount of debt if your expenses exceed your income.

5. You can save considerable amount on entertainment. Avoid going out for dinners in posh restaurants rather prepare your dinner at home. Instead of going out for a movie order come pop corn at home and watch films with your friends on DVD.

6. Try to save money on electric when you are planning for a frugal living. You can install a power strip in your house and connect it with the electrical appliances that you use presently. When you are not using the appliances then it will be automatically switched off. So it will help to lower the electric consumption.

You might take time to practice frugal living and learn the process of spending wisely. But if you sincere follow the tips mentioned above then you can easily inculcate a good spending habit.

Maximize Your Savings & Credit

It’s a new year, hopefully we can all see a light at the end of this dismal economic tunnel. There are of course numerous ways to spend less on almost everything, which I’ve posted in this blog and website,, however, there are several ways can we maximize the savings or credit we have.

Money magazine’s end of 2011 issue highlights several action plans we can take in order to save wisely and borrow judiciously.


Online banks, with less overhead, are a great place to start. Savings accounts at American Express or Discover Bank yield 1% – no great shakes but five times the national average. Also, check out high-yielding checking options at a local bank, where you can often find rates above 2%. There are trade-offs, though. For instance, to get that rate, you may have to commit to making at least 10 debit card transactions a month and sign up for direct deposit.

Search for the best rates where you live at Call the bank about terms and qualifications that may apply. Also, visit to make sure the banks you’re considering earn at least three stars for safety.


“Expect to see aggressive offers from banks, whether it’s for a mortgage or a credit card,” says Sherief Meleis, a partner at Novantas. In November, for example, the average home-equity loan was charging 6.98%, and credit card APRs went as low as 7%. Be advised, though: Lending standards aren’t loosening. Visit for free loan quotes from multiple lenders.


Your excellent credit score qualifies you for the very best offers. Sign-up bonuses are up 25% – and are expected to stay that way for the coming year, according to, which tracks credit card offers.

Don’t wait too long to apply; with debit card reform passed, legislators are likely to turn to credit cards next. And who knows how that will affect your perks.

Click Here For Great Savings Rates at MoneyAisle

Use Your iPhone to Spend Less!

The iPhone has tons of cool free apps that make it simple to save some cash. Check out some of my favorite iPhone apps and start saving money today!

GasBuddy – find the cheapest gas on the go! Locate gas stations near you and see their current gas prices.

I Love Free Things – quick and easy access to free samples and freebie offers. For example, I often take advantage of their weekly list of promo codes for free Blockbuster Express movies!

Yelp – save time (and money) by checking out local reviews of where to eat, shop, drink, relax, play, etc..  Some merchants even has special deals just for Yelpers!

ATM Hunter – locate nearby ATM machines that won’t charge a fee. Plus it gives you helpful tips on how to be smarter with your money and safer at ATM locations. 

Craigslist Mobile – find (almost) anything you want and need in your budget on Craigslist on the go! 

RedLaser – scans the bar code of any product while you’re shopping and tells you how much it costs at other chains and online stores. 

Wi-Fi Finder – instantly find free Wi-Fi internet hotspots wherever you are in the world online or offline.

Grocery eCoupons – get free paperless eCoupons redeemable at over 24,000 supermarkets and drugstores nationwide.

Garage Sale Rover – quickly view garage sales from Craigslist and other sources on a map. And navigate there with GPS voice operated turn-by-turn directions.

For more ways to spend less… visit!

Save Money On Gas and Diesel Fuel

With gasoline (and diesel) prices going up, now is the time to look into ways to save money each time you fill up your tank. Would you like to save between 40¢-90¢ on every gallon of fuel that you purchase for your car or truck?

Do you know anyone else who would also like to save 40¢-90¢ on every gallon of gasoline or diesel fuel that they purchase?  There’s a fuel additive product available called Xp3 from a company called Fuel Direct that saves you money on something that you must purchase all the time – fuel for your vehicles.  It actually costs you money to NOT use Xp3 !  Watch this short video for an overview.



Unlike other fuel additives, Xp3 is very concentrated. We recommend that you purchase the convenient “torpedoes” first and then refill them from the 16 ounce bottle.

  • Pour the contents of the convenient “torpedo” shaped container (just 4/5ths ounce) into your fuel tank before filling your tank with fuel.
  • Each torpedo treats up to 20 gallons of gasoline or 24 gallons of diesel fuel.
  • Each 16 ounce bottle treats 20 tankfuls (400-500 gallons) of fuel.

Gasoline Example: 

One 16 ounce bottle of Xp3 will treat up to 400 gallons of gasoline. If your mileage improves 15% (20->23MPG), that is like saving 60 gallons of gasoline (400 x 15%). If you pay $3/gallon, you could save $180*.  If you pay $3.50/gallon, you could save $210*.

Diesel Example: 

One 16 ounce bottle of Xp3 for diesel fuel will treat up to 500 gallons of diesel fuel. If your mileage improves 15% (20->23MPG), that is like saving 75 gallons of diesel (500 x 15%). If you pay $3.50/gallon, you could save $260*.  If you pay $4.00/gallon, you could save $300*.

*Everyone experiences different results.

Xp3 is formulated to improve the performance of all kinds of gasoline and diesel fuels.
  • Works with all classes of gasoline and diesel fuel
  • Improves combustion and increases engine power
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Reduces levels of toxic emissions
  • Totally disperses water in fuel
  • Improves engine starting and avoids pre-ignition
  • Stabilizes light and heavy oils
  • Has a detergent and antioxidant effect
  • Reduces corrosion and increases the life of your engine
  • Improves the stabilization, lubricity and detergency of the fuel
  • Does not contain any aromatics or naphtha
  • Improves the pour point (great for cold weather)
  • Avoids fuel freezing during winter
  • 100% biodegradable (the package is also biodegradable)
For more information and complete details visit