Prescription Rx Discount Cards

Do you or someone you know spend too much money on prescription medications? If so, simply print out these FREE Rx discount cards. Show them to your pharmacist the next time you purchase prescription medications, and you will receive a substantial discount (up to 85%) on your prescription purchase! These cards are already activated and they are valid nationwide FOREVER.

The nice thing is that these cards may be copied (digital and/or photocopies). Give them to everyone you know who may be able to benefit from substantial discounts. There’s also a discount card for your pets for any human medication prescribed for your pet by your veterinarian.

CLICK HERE To Download and Print Both of Your FREE Discount Cards (Use Card Stock)

The cards are free, they are valid at over 58,000 pharmacies nationwide.  They work immediately and they are valid for the rest of your life. Print out the card(s) or download it onto your smartphone, which is capable of handling images or photographs. In either case, you stick the physical card in your wallet or you carry your smartphone with you that has the image in it, and when you go to purchase a prescription, you either show the physical card or the digital card to your pharmacist. Your pharmacist understands these cards. They see them all of the time. They will apply the discount and you save money.

The next time you go to a pharmacy to fill a prescription, simply show the pharmacist your physical card or the image of the card that you have stored on your smartphone.  When the pharmacist sees the card, they enter the numbers into their database which identifies you as a member. Your information is stored in their computers, so when you come back the next time, you still get the member price, so you don’t even have to show the card everytime, you just have to identify yourself.

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