Frugal Mobile Phone Service

Most of us are paying way too much for our mobile phone service every month! A new company called Solavei offers unlimited 4G talk/text/web for only $49/month. For some people that’s half of what they pay now!  Find out more on

There’s no annoying 2-year contract that you have to be stuck with. You can purchase one of the phones they offer or simply buy a SIM card and use a phone of your choice!

Friends Don’t Let Friends Pay Mobile Phone Bills!

Solavei uses T-Mobile’s 4G network which provides unlimited voice/text/data for just $49 per month that can be further reduced if you refer other people! For every 3 referrals, you earn $20 per month. This is initially applied to your bill, and then returned as cash on your debit card.

If you refer nine subscribers, then your phone service will be paid for and you will receive additional income from Solavei. Just tell everyone about the service and if they sign up, you can make money. Tell 3 people and your phone bill is just $29/month, tell 3 more and it’s just $9/month! To get all the details, check out



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