Mobile Phone Service For Free?

As I mentioned on my last post, I used to pay over $80/month for my mobile phone service. And, I only had 450 minutes per month. I had to keep my phone calls short or else pay extra. I wanted to find a frugal way to spend less on my mobile phone bill. I found this great company called Solavei, I not only save money every month on my phone bill with unlimited everything, but I also earn some money because I shared the savings with others!

Solavei is having a special promotion this month where you can even get your service for FREE. Here’s the details…

– Sign up for Solavei mobile service by November 30th receive your 1st month of service for free – a savings of $49*. If you bring your own phone, your SIM card is free, an additional savings of $29 and a total savings of up to $78.

– Plus, if you sign up 3 people for mobile service by November 30th, you will receive your next month of mobile service for free!

*$49 enrollment fee applies. Taxes and other charges may apply.

Call 310-619-3055 for more information.

Stop paying that expensive mobile phone bill every month!! Get UNLIMITED 4G Talk, Text, Data for only$49*/month. And earn income just by sharing the savings with others!


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