Welcome To The Frugal Lifestyle!

What exactly does frugal lifestyle mean?  Well, it does NOT mean being cheap, quite the contrary, I believe it’s being smart in your choices, such as what you spend on (or not spend on) on a daily basis. Prioritize and take control of what’s important to you. Choose value and quality over quantity or fads and you will come out ahead.

The great benefit of being frugal is that it eliminates waste and clutter which in turn helps our environment.  By doing simple changes towards more “green” and frugal ways, together we can make an impact on our planet.

In this economy, some of us have had to cut back on our expenses.  Wouldn’t it be nice to still have the things or services you want and need but not have to pay full price or even better, get it for free? This blog offers frugal tips and money saving ideas to help you live a “richer” life. Start living the “frugal lifestyle” today.

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