Frugal Money Saving Tips

In today’s economy, it make sense to stretch your dollar.  I’ve listed some frugal ways I’ve saved some money in practically every category! Whether it’s shopping for cheaper car insurance, having a clothes swapping party with your friends or saving money on prescriptions, these frugal favorites has one motto: SPEND LESS!


  • Keep coupons you might use in your wallet so they are handy when you need them.
  • Shop from sites that give you cashback when you shop through their portal, such as it’s free to join.
  • Visit thrift stores, yard sales, swap meets for furniture, clothes, tools, etc.. Check out Goodwill, Salvation Army, and your local thrift stores for great deals.
  • Show your discount cards wherever they accept it; such as student ID’s, senior cards, military cards, etc..
  • Before paying retail, check Craigslist, eBay, Pennysaver and Freecyle for what you are looking for.
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  • Save time and money when you shop for items on, get free samples and free shipping too!
  • If you don’t use it regularly or it’s too expensive, cancel your gym membership.  Instead, you can exercise at home with a DVD or do some walking around the neighborhood or hike at the park.
  • Get a discount cards here when you buy prescription medications, it can save you up to 75% off.
  • If you only need to dye your roots, use only half the application and save the other half for next time.
  • For more frugal health and wellness information, visit our Health page.


  • Refinance or reduce your mortgage payment.  It may save you a substantial amount. Take advantage of the low rates available.
  • Shop around for high yield interest rates on CD or Savings accounts.
  • Use a credit card rewards card for monthly expenses.  Pay off the balance each month to avoid interest charges.  Depending on your expenses, you can usually redeem your points for a gift card or cash at the end of each month.
  • Keep a log of your daily expenses.  This can help you determine a realistic budget you can adhere to.
  • Pay bills online, it saves time and you save money on stamps too.
  • Earn money for college bills and student loans when you shop for groceries, shop online, fill your gas tank and more via
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  • Join a rewards program at one of the office supply retailers, such as Office Depot.  Get cash back whenever you recycle toner cartridges.
  • Design your own website and host it for FREE at
  • Instead of going out to restaurants everyday, pack a lunch to work.
  • When mailing books, CD’s magazines, DVD’s, etc.. at the post office, specify the package as Media Mail. The rates are usually less than First Class postage.
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  • Instead of buying books retail, buy them at a discount at BookCloseouts where all books are 50-80% off.
  • Rotate reading magazines amongst your friends.  Each one of you can subscribe to a different magazine and pass it to the next friend when you are done reading it.  You can order magazines (up to 85% off) at MagazineDiscountCenter.
  • Another free option is to check out books at your local library.
  • Here’s a good resource eBook on 1011 Money Saving Tips.
  • For more frugal books, magazines and resources, visit our Resources page.
  • Do preventative maintenance on your car regularly.  It’s much cheaper than having to buy a new car.
  • Wash your own car vs. paying for a car wash.
  • Get car insurance quotes and compare it with your current policy.  Chances are you will save money by switching.
  • Some gasoline stations charge less when paying in cash vs. with a credit card.
  • Use coupons for oil changes , smog checks, etc..
  • Shop for a new car on a weekday at the end of the month.  The salespeople are often pressured to meet monthly quotas then.
  • For more frugal auto and insurance information, visit our Insurance page.


  • When at a restaurant, split a bigger meal between two people.  You not only save money, but you won’t be tempted to overeat.
  • Cook more often at home.  Eat leftovers.  Eat out less often.
  • Here’s a couple of eBooks to help you save thousands grocery shopping and to shop for better groceries for less cash.
  • Instead of sodas, coffee, tea, or juice drink water – it’s free and has zero calories.  Try adding lemon or a slice of cucumber in the water.
  • Host potluck parties with friends.  It’s more fun, saves you money, you can be loud and you don’t have to tip.
  • When you do go out to eat, get discount vouchers to your favorite restaurants at
  • Want an alternative to expensive coffee?  Check out
  • When at the shopping at the grocery store, reach for items on the top and bottom shelves, they are often cheaper than the ones at eye level.
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  • Compare internet, home phone and wireless phone here. Chances are you can find a better deal.
  • If you don’t watch TV that often or only watch select shows, consider canceling your cable or satellite service.  More than likely, you can watch your favorite shows on for free!
  • For more frugal tech, telecom and phone information, visit our Tech/Phone page.
  • Check out estate sales for deals on unique antique furnishings and home decor accessories.
  • Buy an inexpensive soaker hose from a home improvement store. Using a soaker is a more efficient and less wasteful way to water your lawn.
  • Shop flea markets, swap meets, thrift stores, yard sales for great finds in home decorating.  If you are looking for something specific, check out Craigslist, or eBay.
  • For great looking home accessories, shop Ross, Target, Marshall’s, Home Goods or TJ Maxx.
  • For more frugal home and garden decor tips and ideas, visit our Decor page.


  • Host a fun clothes/purse/accessory swapping party with your friends.  What’s old to them is new to you.
  • Make your own gifts, such as handmade jewelry, crafts, personalized cards, etc..  Reuse and recycle gift bags, tissues, bows, ribbons when putting together your next gift.
  • Get discounts on fashion and accessories at a great price at
  • Instead of buying each friend or family member a gift for the holidays, treat yourselves to a nice dinner to your favorite restaurant.
  • If you have a AAA card, you can get a discount when you shop at Payless Shoe Source.
  • Check out for great deals on shoes plus it’s always free shipping!


  • When traveling with friends, split the cost of the hotel accommodations.
  • Book your next vacation and save money through
  • Looking for a cheap travel alternative? Consider home swapping at
  • Bring snacks and non perishable foods on vacation.  Limit eating out at fancy restaurants during your trip.
  • If you need to rent a car on your trip, check out for great deals.
  • For more frugal travel information, visit our Travel page.

Tips and Tricks to being Thrifty

Saving money requires some ingenuity and innovation. Shrewd spending habits take time to acquire, but they can be accomplished with practice. Believe it or not, some of the richest people have the strictest budgets. That is one of the ways they got to be rich. They learned self-discipline and how to cut corners.

Work on a Budget

The only way you will ever get ahead of the game is to know exactly how much money you really have to spend. Housing, utilities, taxes and other necessities are essentials for which you must plan. Go over your bills and see what you generally average on a monthly basis. See where you can cut back. The amount you spend on utilities can be lowered by shutting off lights, running efficient appliances and light bulbs. Installing high-efficiency windows, turning down the thermostat in the winter and winterizing your home will also save you money. Make a list of the areas where you can make these improvements. Keep track of what you are spending for your utilities and see where you can trim your expenses.

Figure out all of your expenses and make a weekly budget. Stick to the budget as closely as you can. Set a reasonable amount that is workable and don’t exceed it when you go out shopping. Whenever possible, use cash not credit. Monthly interest rates will eat up whatever you may have saved when you go on a shopping spree financed by a credit card.

There is a Difference Between Needs and Wants

Impulse spending is probably one of the biggest reasons people spend too much when they go to the store. Grocery shopping when you are hungry is also another big no-no. Set a food budget and look for the deals. Buy in bulk when you can and clip coupons. Don’t buy anything that you do not need. Stock up on the necessities you will use through the year. Buy them when they are on sale. Try to save 50% on sale items if you can. Anything at or above 50% is considered an excellent deal.

Look through your pantry and freezer to see what you absolutely need in your larder. See what clothes you have and what clothes need to be replaced. Look for coupons on clothing items. Make a list and don’t deviate from that. Shop for Christmas gifts ahead of time. Buy gifts right after Christmas for next year’s giving. You will be amazed at how much you will save.

Don’t Be Afraid of Thrift Stores

Some of the neatest clothes, accessories and other items can be found at a thrift store. Yes, these are usually used items. You would be amazed how many barely used clothes are donated to a thrift store like the Salvation Army or Goodwill. Sometimes, overstock items from local stores are donated. This merchandise is brand new and priced way below normal retail.

Shop the local garage sales. These are fun ways to get to know your neighbors while saving big bucks! If you have never done it, you will be amazed at the clothes, toys and collectibles you can find at a garage sale. These are virtual treasure troves, with prices that will make you salivate. Sometimes you even find antiques you can make money on by reselling them at a better price.

Coupons are a Saving Grace

Newspaper, magazine and Internet coupon clippings are the lifeblood of a frugal shopper. You will find a wealth of them in your local Sunday paper. Many times they are delivered in mailers by the postal service. If there is a product brand you like, check out the company website for the newest promotions and coupons. Look for websites that distribute printable coupons. Print them and take them with you. One good resource is They offer coupons for groceries, clothing, jewelry, home improvement, electronics and even travel from major companies and retailers.

It will take time to play the discount game. With practice you will learn all the tricks of the trade and become a very wise and thrifty shopper. You will become an expert coupon clipper and amaze yourself on how much you really have saved. Good luck and happy shopping!

About The Writer:
Cynthia Waverly works as a writer for several online websites. She embraces a frugal lifestyle of sack lunches, recycled Tupperware, and daily coupon clippings. She enjoys saving money for her and her family.

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Top 10 List of the Biggest Money Savers

How much do you spend on your basic monthly expenses?  I keep a log of my daily expenses so I know how much I spend monthly. We all have basic expenses that are part of everyday life; such as insurance, utilities, etc..  In reviewing my own expenses, I determined that I should be paying less for certain items. In keeping with my frugal lifestyle, I searched for companies online that I could compare current rates and plans with. By shopping around for better rates or plans you really can save money. It does pay to compare, it could save you hundreds annually.

Here are my top 10 list of categories to save money. Click on each category to learn more.

  1. Housing
  2. Health Care
  3. Debt/Finance
  4. Groceries/Dining Out
  5. Utilities
  6. Technology/Phone
  7. Insurance
  8. Auto
  9. Shopping/Clothing
  10. Travel/Entertainment